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HVAC Test & Balance


ATS prides itself on being the premier mid-south firm when it comes to Testing, Adjusting, and, Balancing applications.

We are backed by our NEBB accreditations and our proven track record. From large-scale new construction to smaller,

existing structures, we understand the importance and what our role means to you.

The following are some of the services that we provide. 

Please contact us for additional information about services we may provide.


• Air & Hydronic Balancing

• Building Performance Testing

• Chiller & Cooling Tower Performance Testing

• Control System Verification

• Duct Pressure Testing (Duct Leakage Testing)

• Existing System Surveys

• Fumehood Testing

• Indoor Environmental Testing

• Kitchen Hood Certification

• Pre-Construction Document Review

• Room Pressure Monitoring

• Smoke Management Systems Testing

• Sound and Vibration Testings

• Stairwell Pressurization

• System Troubleshooting

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