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Environmental Health & Safety


ATS Test & Balance provides Indoor Air Quality and Industrial Hygiene assessments for clients

across all industries.  From plant-wide exposure surveys to single family residential indoor

air quality assessments, our team of experienced professionals can help you assure a healthy

and regulatory compliant environment.

The following are a few of the services that we provide:

  •  USP 797 Viable Testing for Sterile Compounding

  • USP 800 Testing for Hazardous Drugs

  • Sterile Compounding Media Fill & Gloved Fingertip Testing

  • Mold & Allergen Testing & Site-specific Remediation Protocols

  • Bacterial Testing

    1. Legionella

    2. Sewage / E. coli / Bacteroides

    3. HVAC Systems

  • Fire & Smoke Damage Testing

  • Lead in Drinking Water

  • Industrial Wastewater

  • Chemical & Noise Exposure Assessments

  • Ergonomics Assessments

  • PPE Assessments

  • Combustion Byproduct (Smoke & Soot) Testing

  • OSHA Compliance

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